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April 13th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Missions Stories, Uncategorized

Silence they say, remains the best
answer at times to situations we find
ourselves daily.

For half an hour, it is written that there was silence in heaven
when the 7th seal was broken. (Rev. 8:1)

One may ask “in the midst
of injustice?”

Yes, Our Master Jesus started
it when many false witnesses emanated to
accuse Him of what He didn’t say or do.

Its also written that when He was accused by the chief priests
and the elders, “…But Jesus was silent….” Matthew 26:59-63.
He repeated the same thing in Matthew 27:12-14.

If we should research more we could come across many instances where He kept silent like in the issue of the woman accused of adultery.
Now my question comes,is it proper for us believers to keep silent in the midst of any injustice?

If yes!, when and if no! how. If both explain please.

There are injustices in the field I’m covering
I need your reactions please.

Thank you

Ndungmmong Akpan.



August 27th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

I was back from Accra and met my family and all the
Jungle citizens in good health.
Before I forget, there was this man called ALEX, a taxi driver,
that took me to Neoplan station in Kwame Nkruma Circle.
As we left Tabora No. 5, the spirit of God directed me
to talk to him. On the process, he accepted Christ
as his lord and savior.
I was not alone, one of my friends Raphael witnssed the scene.

Back in Kumasi, God used Dr. Oduro and other believes
to provide for the work of God in the Jungle.
They gave us money for the roofing of the Church that
wind took off the roof. Praise God!!.

The Church witnessed a trmendious power of God
at my return as fifteen people were baptised in the
Holy spirit on sunday.

May God continue to show His glory and power to these lovely people of His, in Jesus name, Amen.



August 12th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Missions Stories

Im to leave Tema today. But before I do that I have just returned from Evangelism. Waaaooo!! There were big fishes and reluctant onces.

Princes, Samuel, Mark, Joe, Linda and Yeboah were the big fishes who accepted Jesus Christ.

There were these bunch of Jehova witnesses who argued till they left without salvation.

I enjoyed Tema as God was using someone like me to meet the needs of some unreached people, even though we couldnt do as much as we could due to some circumstances.

I was happy when Joe who is mentally ill rejoiced and sang a song in Afanti, “Danasi Danasi, daa Onyame dasi….” after receiving the word ministration and some food to quench both his spiritual and physical hunger.

Any way after publishing this I will be heading to Accra and minister to a congregation in Fertile soil Church.

It is amazing to be in God’s vine yard and do His will according to your call.

Thank you.

Evangelist N. akpan
The voice in the Jungle (writing this one not in the Jungle)



August 11th, 2009 · No Comments · Missions Stories

Today, tuesday, the 11th of August I was in Tema. This is out of the Jungle, I met a young man whom I wanedt to buy an item from.

I just asked him, are you born again?, He told me that he is a christian but the issue of being born again is not clear to him.

I took him to the scriptuers in John 3 : 1 – 7. He told me in respond that their pastor do teach and preach about this passage but he in particular doesn’t believe one could be born again in this prsent world of uncertainties.

Moreover as we continued, he told me he wanted to meet an old debtor of his as he cited him and that I should wait for few minutes. Behold he didn’t come again.

I want us to pray for his salvation and others that are in the same state of christianty.

After him was this Jehova witness person whom my friend Steve and I met. We were able to register, among other things, in him that there are room for as many that believed in Jesus to saved.

The issue of 144 thousand was deliberated upon still, he worked away from us in disagreement.

I remembered years ago, in the jungle how a man asked me whether Jesus was another “gods I needed to add to my gods?”.
I did not think initially that people can still luck the door of their hearts against Christ.

In fact it’s worth thinking and praying for all these forks .

Evangelist N. Akpan
The voice in the jungle



August 8th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Missions Stories, Uncategorized

Wechiau is the capital of Wa west District.

There are many villages under this District. There is a paramount Chief called Wechiau Nna. Eighteen (18) sub-chiefs are subject to him. These chiefs have their own kingdom and subjects.
Wechiau town derives it’s name from the word “Wechegli” the word “Chiau” means cut. According to the elders I learnt that when the people settled in Wechiau, the area was forested and dagerous wild animals roamed freely. In order to secure a safe place for living, the people had to cut a clearing in the woodland.

Moreover, There are lots of wild life in the Jungle, ranging from Hippos, monkeys, to chameleons and asorted birds.

There is an Hippo sanctuary at the heart of the town
with some local accomodation for tuorists at Talawona.
We have hide outs for birds of all kinds and
Monkeys are available for tourists to view.
Infact, it is a tourist attraction.

The name Talawona is a word meaning,
“I DON’T EVER WANT TO HEAR AGAIN”. When they migrated from Bourkina Faso, there was fighting, hence the name, Talawona.

We have kind, lovely and peaceful people in the Jungle. If not for their good behaviour, the gosple wouldn’t have gone far as it is now. Praise God.

Remain blessed as you learn more about this Jungle in due course.

Evangelist Ndungmmong Akpan.


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July 15th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

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