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August 8th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Missions Stories, Uncategorized

Wechiau is the capital of Wa west District.

There are many villages under this District. There is a paramount Chief called Wechiau Nna. Eighteen (18) sub-chiefs are subject to him. These chiefs have their own kingdom and subjects.
Wechiau town derives it’s name from the word “Wechegli” the word “Chiau” means cut. According to the elders I learnt that when the people settled in Wechiau, the area was forested and dagerous wild animals roamed freely. In order to secure a safe place for living, the people had to cut a clearing in the woodland.

Moreover, There are lots of wild life in the Jungle, ranging from Hippos, monkeys, to chameleons and asorted birds.

There is an Hippo sanctuary at the heart of the town
with some local accomodation for tuorists at Talawona.
We have hide outs for birds of all kinds and
Monkeys are available for tourists to view.
Infact, it is a tourist attraction.

The name Talawona is a word meaning,
“I DON’T EVER WANT TO HEAR AGAIN”. When they migrated from Bourkina Faso, there was fighting, hence the name, Talawona.

We have kind, lovely and peaceful people in the Jungle. If not for their good behaviour, the gosple wouldn’t have gone far as it is now. Praise God.

Remain blessed as you learn more about this Jungle in due course.

Evangelist Ndungmmong Akpan.


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  • jungle

    You can view games only after registering with the Wechiau Hypo sanctuary officers. who will take you to the sight.

    Provide you with live jackets and a boat to take you round.

  • jungle

    Well, to some extend yes, because God has changed their behaviour from what it was about 15 years ago.

    They become friendly now than before!.

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