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August 12th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Missions Stories

Im to leave Tema today. But before I do that I have just returned from Evangelism. Waaaooo!! There were big fishes and reluctant onces.

Princes, Samuel, Mark, Joe, Linda and Yeboah were the big fishes who accepted Jesus Christ.

There were these bunch of Jehova witnesses who argued till they left without salvation.

I enjoyed Tema as God was using someone like me to meet the needs of some unreached people, even though we couldnt do as much as we could due to some circumstances.

I was happy when Joe who is mentally ill rejoiced and sang a song in Afanti, “Danasi Danasi, daa Onyame dasi….” after receiving the word ministration and some food to quench both his spiritual and physical hunger.

Any way after publishing this I will be heading to Accra and minister to a congregation in Fertile soil Church.

It is amazing to be in God’s vine yard and do His will according to your call.

Thank you.

Evangelist N. akpan
The voice in the Jungle (writing this one not in the Jungle)


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